Cut Through the Noise: Get Specific or Get Lost

In a landscape teeming with over 100,000 B2B apps (according to G2) vying for that coveted wallet share, simply having a stellar product doesn’t cut it anymore. What you need now is a robust distribution engine powered by a meticulously honed Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.

You see, vague and generic messaging swiftly drowns in the sea of noise that engulfs crowded markets. To break through, you’ve got to shatter the noise barrier with laser-sharp specificity and stake your claim in a niche.

Know your target audience

Dive deep into precisely defining your target audience, the use case you excel at, and the specific problem you expertly solve. No more of that vague, hand-wavy “we help companies sell more and market better!” spiel – that’s a one-way ticket to the business oblivion known as the deadpool.


Instead, zero in on your focus. Achieve a level of clarity in your positioning and messaging that borders on the uncanny. Establish your beachhead and dominate a particular segment with unwavering resolve.

This beachhead not only propels you forward with momentum but also generates organic word-of-mouth buzz. It bolsters your credibility to expand into adjacent markets and swings open the door to explosive growth.

But beware the trap of generalisation, for spreading yourself too thin trying to cater to everyone is a surefire way to fade into the background noise.

Growth Flywheel needs specifics

Here’s the bottom line: If you don’t get specific, you won’t carve out your niche share of the voice. And without niche ownership, that elusive growth flywheel remains out of reach. And no growth flywheel spells a slow, agonising descent.

So, it’s time to zoom in! Nail your positioning with precision. Craft messaging that’s tailored like a bespoke suit. Lock down your segment – that’s your launchpad to not only conquer new markets but to truly thrive and grow.

I’m curious, what’s your startup’s focused niche, and what’s your messaging strategy? I’m eager to hear about your positioning journey – let’s keep the conversation rolling! Get in touch!

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