No BS: Straight Talk on Startup Growth from Grow To Market

Hey there! I’m thrilled to be launching this blog alongside as part of startup growth consultancy, Grow To Market.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Sam, a seasoned startup growth leader and friend to scrappy founders everywhere.

After a variety of roles, entrepreneurial experiments, and VC funded hypergrowth startups, I am now rolling my sleeves up and ready to support startups in that early stage, initial growth motion. Myself and my extended network of experts are here to help startups ignite sustainable growth, craft strategies that convert, and scale without losing soul.

And it’s so fulfilling! I live for that rush of partnering with bold founders and brands to reach their potential. My superpower is diving into marketing and sales data, current workflows, and models to pinpoint friction. Then together, we implement changes that drive results.

I love seeing the lightbulb moment when my analysis clicks – and we get the realisation that “We can fix this and accelerate growth by making these 3 tweaks!” That never gets old.

Don’t get me wrong, I can crunch spreadsheets and analytics, but I put even more stock in getting out there to test creative ideas in the real world. Stay nimble, try stuff, ditch what flops, and double down on what pops. That’s how you build momentum in early-stage startups.

At Grow To Market, we cut through the noise to offer an unfiltered perspective. We won’t sugarcoat flaws. You’ll get authenticity, even if it stings a little. Because your success means more to us than stroking egos.

I love to see that spark as startups level up. If you need hype or polite lies, We are unlikely to be the advisors you need. But if you want open and honest dialogue and hands-on help reaching milestones, buckle up. This rocketship is fuelled to accelerate your success.

Let me hear your biggest startup growth challenges! I promise straight talk minus the BS. Here’s to growing together fast in 2023 and beyond.

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